The Hour Of Bewilderbeast (Limited Edition Triple Vinyl Reissue)

The Hour Of Bewilderbeast (Limited Edition Triple Vinyl Reissue)

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Limited Edition

Limited Edition 15th Anniversary triple vinyl reissue of ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’.

This deluxe triple vinyl format includes bonus unheard tracks, new artwork, and a leatherette embossed cover.

100 signed copies are available here which are exclusive to the Badly Drawn Boy webstore.

Released: 11th December 2015


  • LP 01
  • a1. The Shining
  • a2. Everybody’s Stalking
  • a3. Bewilder
  • a4. Fall In A River
  • a5. Camping Next To Water
  • b1. Stone On The Water
  • b2. Another Pearl
  • b3. Body Rap
  • b4. Once Around The Block
  • b5. This Song
  • LP 02
  • a1. Bewilderbeast
  • a2. Magic In The Air
  • a3. Cause A Rockslide
  • a4. Pissing In The Wind
  • b1. Blistered Heart
  • b2. Disillusion
  • b3. Say It Again
  • b4. Epitaph
  • LP 03
  • a1. My Friend Cubilas
  • a2. I Need A Sign
  • a3. Interlude
  • a4. Meet On The Horizon
  • a5. Road Movie
  • a6. Kerplunk By Candlelight
  • a7. Chaos Theory
  • b1. It Came From The Ground
  • b2. Walkman Demo1
  • b3. Outside Is A Light 1
  • b4. Outside Is A Light 2
  • b5. Walkman Demo 2
  • b6. Distant Town

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