Blueprint - The Best Of CD

Release Date: 19/09/2011

  • The definitive ‘Best Of’ from one of the great British dance acts
  • Covers over 20 years of cutting edge music from their first (late 80s) releases to date
  • Includes the Top Ten singles Pacific State, In Yer Face and Cübik and nine previously unavailable recordings
  • Rare remixes by Aphex Twin, Monkey Mafia and Brian Eno, plus vocal contributions from James Dean Bradfield (Manic Street Preachers), Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Björk
  • Digitally remastered by Fine Splice for the finest sound quality
  • Deluxe digipack comes with full colour 20-page booklet containing detailed history of 808 State from comprehensive interviews with the group members

808 State are... ‘masters of their art’ (Q), ‘pioneers’ (Future Music), ‘for sonic trailblazing and inestimable influence, among our most important groups’ (Record Collector) and ‘Godfathers’ (Nude), who ‘sketched the blueprint for British techno as we know it’ (Mixmag).

Indisputably one of the most important UK acts of the late 80s and 90s dance music explosion, 808 State’s influence will reverberate in the genre for years to come. They were that particularly rare beast: an accomplished singles outfit that was also taken very seriously as an albums act.

Salvo takes great pride in presenting their “Greatest Bits”, from 1988 to the present day. The very best of the psychoecstatic, trance-inducing, groove-riding, techno-funkalogical sound of 808 State!


  1. Flow Coma (AFX remix by Aphex Twin)
  2. Pacific State (origin)
  3. In Yer Face (revisited)
  4. Cübik (Monkey Mafia Mix)
  5. Timebomb (808 Tape Mix)
  6. Cobra Bora (revisited)
  7. Olympic (Word Production Mix)
  8. Nimbus (revisited)
  9. Nephatiti
  10. Firecracker (edit)
  11. Plan 9 (radio edit by Trevor Horn)
  12. Lopez featuring James Dean Bradfield (Radio Mix by Brian Eno)
  13. Lemonsoul featuring Guy Garvey
  14. Qmart featuring Björk
  15. 606 featuring Simian (revisited)
  16. 1Spanish Ice
  17. Metaluna/Compulsion (revisited)


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